Steve Smith surprises his sad, sad fan


Gavin is a seven year old Panthers fan.  Well, we should say former Panthers fan.  Because when the Carolina Panthers cut ties with their all-time leading receiver, Gavin didn’t take the news all too well.

Despite his sister being seemingly unaffected, Gavin was downright distraught. But his dismay didn’t go unheard, as although Steve Smith was leaving town, the former Panther and newly minted Raven made sure he didn’t lose one of his most passionate fans.

Smith hinted that he was planning on reaching out to the youngster during an interview with Mike & Mike, where he said that young Gavin had “the ugly-face cry.” And he did just that this morning on Good Morning America. Apparently, Smith and Gavin had met before as Gavin and Steve Smith’s youngest son played on a little league team together. But their reunion was far more personal, and this was the result.

In the video, Smith gives Gavin a brand new Ravens jersey, unveiling the number 89 with the name “Smith Sr” on the back, commemorating his soon-to-be-born son. So for all those Ravens fans looking to get a head start on your jersey customization, don’t move too fast. Who knows if that will even be the final nameplate, with all the Smith’s on the team.

For now, it was a very admirable gesture from the newest member of the Ravens family.  And despite Gavin’s previous exclamation that he would root for “NOBODY,” the Ravens seem to have gained one more fan.

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