What does the future hold for Mike Pouncey?

Correct me if I am wrong, but Dolphins center Mike Pouncey is just as much to blame as Richie Incognito.
Remember, it was Pouncey who participated in direct confrontation behind Jonathan Martin’s back and via text.  It was Pouncey who freely laughed and felt no issue with Richie Incognito calling him the N-word with an A.  As Richie loudly pronounced he was close to Pouncey like a brother would be of any brother hood with pool cues flying around and Incognito reminding us of the second coming of Chris Farley.
What Mike Pouncey brings is physical toughness unmatched by no one else on the offensive line.  As the season took a turn for the worse in 2013, Pouncey’s absence due to a complication with his appendix led the Dolphins down a losing path only for Pouncey to be the leader he aims to be.  Specifically, wins versus the Chargers, Steelers, and Patriots might not have happened without the help of the athletic and country strong Pouncey who battled in the trenches and gave Tannehill the proper throwing lanes to put up good numbers and get the wins.
However, Mike Pouncey’s absence next season could come to fruition especially if the NFL (Commissioner Goodell) to suspend Pouncey for some of his behavior and what was said toward the bullying of Jonathan Martin.  The comment he’s (Martin) “dead to me,” via text won’t sit well with most high-ranking NFL officials.  The comment shouldn’t sit well with his quarterback Ryan Tannehill and certainly not head coach Philbin nor his owner Stephen Ross.
More than anything, should fans be up in arms if Pouncey couldn’t stay on the straight and narrow path?  Complicating matters, Pouncey was subpoenaed by the Massachusetts State Police after the Dolphins lost to the Patriots in October.  It’s conceivable, that Pouncey could be on the outs with management should his alleged involvement in the Aaron Hernandez double murder, come to light.
As a Dolphins fan, I strongly urge the Dolphins to rid themselves of the stench of the bully scandal.  If that means Mike Pouncey has to go, so be it.  If that means the Dolphins have to make the tough decision and draft a center who doesn’t run with or support bullies or alleged murderers, then that’s what needs to happen.
However, don’t be fooled, maybe Mike Pouncey is just victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
For the Dolphins, Mike Pouncey earned a fourth year because of his play, but his play off the field could make him a free agent in the future, one that might end up taking his talents elsewhere.

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