Who’s the worst defensive end the Cle/LA/St. Louis Rams have ever drafted?


Yesterday we had some fun discussing the best defensive end the Rams franchise has ever drafted.

Deacon Jones won that unofficial title pretty easily, but there were many deserving runners-up. Turns out the Rams are really, really good at drafting and developing defensive ends. Of course, the franchise is far from perfect, so some are destined to slip through the cracks.

Which one is the worst the Rams have ever drafted though? Let’s examine. (As usual, I’m only considering guys drafted in the third round or higher.)

This might be a little harsh, considering injuries took such a huge toll on him, but this “award” goes to Bill Hawkins, who was drafted 21st overall by the Rams in 1989. Hawkins played in just 42 of a possible 64 games in his career, and worse, started just eight of those.

He had a grand total of five sacks before tearing his ACL, ending his fourth season in the league. By the time Hawkins rehabilitated himself, then-Rams coach Chuck Knox informed Hawkins his services would no longer be needed.

Sorry, Bill, but you are indeed the worst defensive end the Rams have ever drafted.

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