Brandon Spikes is a punk….


I don’t think that’s a controversial statement at this point, right? He’s a hard hitter, he’s in-your-face and yeah he plays outside the lines at times. When he was a Patriot? I hated his guts. He was the dirtiest player in the league! He cheated! He took cheap shots at Ryan Fitzpatrick! I probably called a radio show and yelled things just like that after a Bills/Patriots game (yes, sometimes I am That Guy).

And then, all of a sudden Spikes becomes a free agent and signed with my beloved Buffalo Bills. Suddenly he’s a “tough, lane-clogging middle linebacker”, suddenly he’s a guy the Bills needed to fill a spot on first and second downs.

I said ALL of those things the day Bills GM Doug Whaley said he was moving Kiko Alonso to the outside leaving a huge noticeable hole at Mike linebacker. Suddenly Spikes became an appealing player.

I quickly followed him on Twitter, he wasn’t even a Bill at this point but I fell in love with the idea of it so why not?

How quickly things change, I mean here is a player I have despised and cursed with a venomous rage and now I’m following him on Twitter and excited about what he brings to my team. That got me thinking, is there a player that I despise so much that if he were to sign with the Bills I would still not like him? Is there a guy so bad that his putting on the red white and blue would still not redeem him in my eyes? I mean I liked Terrell Owens when he was here! I hate admitting that out here in public but there it is.

So is there that one Untouchable? I ran through a bunch of names: Chad Johnson (probably not), Bernard Pollard (probably would be welcomed as a hero, complete with ticker tape parade down Broadway), Ben Roethlisberger (he comes close) and anyone involved in the infamous Minnesota Vikings “Love Boat” incident (would be OK if they asked me to party with them).

But then it hit me. Of course there is one player, the one player that EVERY Buffalo Bills fan hates. The one player that no matter how close we come or how many times we try, always beats us. The one player that always has a self-satisfied smirk on his face, unless he overthrows a receiver by ten yards in which case he’s screaming himself purple. I am speaking of course about Tom Brady. He’s the one guy that no matter how good he is I would never accept him on my team. He’s just not Buffalo.

This whole exercise does however bring me back to my original point; Brandon Spikes is a punk. But at least he’s not Tom Brady. And he’s wearing the charging Buffalo for at least the 2014 season so I’ll have his back for at least that long.

Are there any players you hate so much you still would not be able to stand them if they joined your team?

-Matthew Young is an incurable Bills, Sabres and Mets fan living and working in Buffalo, NY. He can be found on twitter @deadlevelbest and be sure to like Cover32 Bills on Facebook

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  • Phil

    Easy…Mike Vick…erratic passer, not too bright and a convicted felon who, after his release, tried to portray himself as the victim repeatedly. There are a lot of fans on record as saying they would boycott the Bills if they signed him…including several premium seat holders that the Bills can’t afford to lose. One couple that I know lives in North Carolina has club seats and drives up to every game…but they’d immediately drop their support if Vick ever became a Bill. Thankfully, Jim Kelly is on record as saying he hopes Vick never comes to Buffalo. There’s some places you just don’t go…signing a convicted felon with sociopathic tendencies who is only an average player is the one place you can’t go if you’re the Bills.

  • Corey

    Bryan Cox back in the day.

    • James Kriger

      oh nice answer Corey, I’m with you there too!