Do the Miami Dolphins have enough weapons on offense?


The Dolphins find themselves in a very strange situation, they have some very good offensive weapons, but are without a number one receiver or tight end.

 I’m not trying to take anything away from Charles Clay or Mike Wallace, they are two very good players capable of producing elite level performances, but they can’t do it as much as a good number one receiver or tight end.

Charles Clay had his big games for sure but when the Dolphins went through their  two slumps (4 game losing streak and a 2 game losing streak) he averaged four catches a game with about 9.5 yards per catch, he also had three TDs over the six games. Clay had games he would disappear, he is a great part of the offense, but he needs to be complemented with a good second tight end who can put up consistent numbers.

The same could be said about Mike Wallace, the Dolphins were 7-2 when targeting him less than 10 times and 1-6 when he was targeted more than 10 times. When Tannehill needed help he would force balls to Wallace and he was unable to make something happen. When the Dolphins targeted Wallace more than Hartline they were 3-6.

Overall these two  combined for for 11 TDs while being up and down all season. The Dolphins need to find someone who can be a consistent threat and put up 11 TDs a season. If the Dolphins could find someone who could put up 11 TDs, they would be right in the top ten among receivers in 2013.

Weather it is a tight end or wide receiver, the Dolphins need to find someone who doesn’t disappear for weeks or even months at a time.

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  • Mr. Wonderful

    I think we have good wide receivers. When Wallace was open our Quarterback was unable to get him the ball.