Kurt Warner gets completely snubbed in greatest QB of all-time bracket


Yesterday, our sister site, cover32 Broncos put together a really fun post in which they put together four different brackets featuring eight-player brackets of quarterbacks.

These four brackets break down into the following categories:

  • The Right Now Bracket
  • The Generation X Bracket
  • The MTV Bracket
  • The Baby Boomer Bracket

The only former Ram to appear on the list is Kurt Warner, which is fair. Warner appears in the Generation X Bracket as a no. 4 seed. That doesn’t necessarily seem unfair on the surface considering Steve Young and Brett Favre probably deserve a spot ahead of him.

The big problem I have is that Troy Aikman snagged a two-seed in that bracket. This probably is because Aikman happened to be on some kick-ass Dallas Cowboys teams in the 1990s and therefore was the starting quarterback on three Super Bowl-winning teams.

But if we break down the numbers a little bit, Warner clearly is the better quarterback (not to mention no. 3 seed, Steve Young). Let’s take a look. Keep in mind when I reveal these career stats: Warner started 116 NFL games (he played in a total of 124) while Aikman started all 165 games he played in.

  • Aikman: 32,942 yards, 61.5 percent completion,  165 touchdowns, 141 interceptions, 58 fumbles, 7.0 yards per attempt, 81.6 QB rating.  Rank on profootballreference.com’s Elo-Rater: 178th all-time. Six Pro Bowls, one Super Bowl MVP, one first-team All-Pro, two second-team All-Pros, three Super Bowl wins.
  • Warner: 32,344 yards, 65.5 percent completion,  208 touchdowns, 128 interceptions, 102 fumbles, 7.9 yards per attempt, 93.7 QB rating. Rank on Elo-Rater: 26th all-time. Four Pro Bowls, on Super Bowl MVP, two first-team All-Pros, two NFL MVPs, one Super Bowl win, two additional Super Bowl appearances.

To summarize, in 41 fewer games, Warner threw for almost the same amount of yards as Aikman and had 43 more touchdowns and 13 fewer interceptions. Warner’s quarterback rating was much better, and he led two different teams to three total Super Bowls. The guy was amazing. He’s better than Troy Aikman.

You can check the whole bracket out here.

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