Not much interest yet in ex-Saint Will Smith


During the mass exodus of veterans from New Orleans this off season Will Smith has seemingly been lost in the mire.

Smith was an excellent defensive end for the majority of his career in New Orleans, however the switch to a 3-4 system upon Rob Ryan’s arrival really signaled the end to Smith’s career as a Saint.

Recovering from a torn ACL in 2013, Smith could still provide stout run stopping ability along with a bit of a pass rush for a team that runs the 4-3, but after about two weeks of free agency there has been little to no interest in Smith’s services.

The only nibble on the rumor mill was that Seattle had shown interest prior to re-signing Michael Bennet, but after signing Bennet and coming close to a deal with Jared Allen it seems like their interest has all but disappeared.

Should the deal with Allen fall through there may be a chance Smith at least gets a look as a similar guy that could come in and provide veteran leadership. If that doesn’t happen thought, it could be a long off-season for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s name-twin.

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