Oakland Raiders possible trade partner: Minnesota Vikings


The latest in my series of potential trade partners with the Oakland Raiders is the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have a glaring need for a franchise quarterback the same as the Raiders do. They clearly have no confidence in Christian Ponder as a starter since they benched him last season. They only have one other QB on the roster, Matt Cassel, who is a solid back up but not a franchise QB. They are sure to be looking to get one of the QB prospects in this draft.

The Vikings currently hold the number 8 pick. The point differential according to the Draft Trade Value Chart is only 300 points. The Raiders should not expect to get a boat load of picks from the Vikings if they trade down 3 spots. 

The Raiders do not have a 5th round pick and the Vikings hold the 136th pick in that round, which is valued at only 38 points. The 72nd pick in the 3rd round, which is held by the Vikings, is worth 230 points. This would total 268 points and is a fair trade. There is no need to milk every last trade value point out of the Vikings in this trade, given the fact that not too many teams are willing to give up multiple draft picks in such a deep draft.

There are factors to consider in this potential trade. What are the chances that the QB the Vikings want will be taken by the time they get on the clock? Will the one they want be on the board when the Raiders are on the clock at the fifth pick? Atlanta and Tampa Bay will make their picks between the Raiders and Vikings. Will they take one of the quarterbacks?

The Falcons do not have a glaring need at QB. They have Matt Ryan with Sean Renfree and Dominique Davis, a couple of young unknowns, as back-up. Since they have other more pressing needs, it is not likely, but there is always the possibility that they go with the best player available and take one of the QBs and develop him for their future under Matt Rayan OR make a trade back themselves with another team who is looking for a quarterback. Do the Vikings want to risk it? 

The Buccaneers signed veteran QB Josh McCown in free agency and they have Mike Kafka and Mike Glennon to back him up. Glennon showed promise in his rookie season and with some veteran mentorship, could be their QB of the future. Considering this, they are not too likely to be interested in any of the top QB prospects. The Bucs also have addressed a few of their needs in free agency but they lost players too. If they take the best player available mentality or if Head Coach Lovie Smith has no faith in either of his back-ups, it is possible that they take one of the QB prospects that the Vikings are interested in. 

Quarterbacks are not the only consideration in this possible trade. All of the teams from the 5th through 8th pick have needs that can be addressed by drafting top prospects at multiple positions on both sides of the ball. How each team plans to go about their draft as well as who is still on the board will determine whether the Vikings and Raiders are open to trading.

The Raiders have more needs than the Vikings do. Considering the depth of this draft and the veteran, mentor type of players GM Reggie McKenzie is bringing in through free agency, they can afford to trade down for more picks and still address them. As for the QB, the Raiders are in a better position than the Vikings to pass on the top prospects now that they have Matt Schaub. They can address their future QB situation in a later round and let them sit for a year or two under Schaub.

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