The Redskins can no longer afford to trade Kirk Cousins


If the Redskins had any thoughts of trading Kirk Cousins this offseason, they’ve missed their opportunity. The truth is that the most important player on Washington’s roster other than RGIII may be whoever is backing him up, and Cousins is going to have to be that guy.

From everything RGIII has shown so far in his career, the chances of him missing time at some point next season are almost certain. With his style and frame, like Michael Vick, RGIII is simply not durable. That being the case, the Redskins absolutely need to be secure at the backup quarterback position in order to have any confidence that they can continue to improve as a franchise.

Right now, Cousins looks to be one of the best options in the league at the backup quarterback position. Such a good option that several teams around the NFL would love to make him their number one quarterback.

Over the course of his first two seasons, Cousins has started four games in place of RGIII. While his 1-3 record and 6-6 touchdown to interception ratio aren’t eye-popping, they don’t tell the whole story. Cousins has proven to be the type of player who leaves it all out on the field and plays with a confidence that many head coaches would love to see in their own quarterback.

Heading into this offseason, with Cousins letting it be known that he wants to be a starting quarterback, the Redskins set the asking price at a second round pick. Even with Cousins’ upside, that is a lot to ask for a player who was just drafted in the fourth round only two years ago and has yet to show that he is definitively a starting-caliber player.

That being said, none of this trade talk should matter anymore. A backup quarterback is much more important to the Redskins than a second round pick. The only way a trade would have ever made sense would have been if Washington had been able to bring in another quality player during free agency. Now, as Josh McCown, Matt Cassel, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Schaub and Jason Campbell have all been snatched up, there is no longer a viable backup option for the Redskins to consider. Josh Freeman or Vick won’t cut it.

If we are all being honest with ourselves, nobody knows exactly what the Redskins have in RGIII. His talent exploded off the TV screen during his rookie season, but since his knee injury, there is no denying that RGIII hasn’t been the same. The best thing the Redskins can do is trust that Cousins may be the best insurance policy they can get right now.

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