What to expect from the Oakland Raiders offense with Matt Schaub under center


The Oakland Raiders have found their starting quarterback assuming the reports of a trade pan out. Matt Schaub, who started for the Houston Texans where he went to two Pro Bowls and led the league in passing for one season, will be the Raiders starting quarterback in 2014. So what does that mean for the Raiders offense? What can Raider Nation expect to see on that side of the ball?

Well, looking at what Schaub does best along with how the Raiders team has been built, it is fairly easy to see what general manager Reggie McKenzie is looking to do. Schaub has always excelled in a run first short passing West Coast style of offense. He is very good with the play action pass and when he has a good running game, has done very well.

That is pretty much how the Raiders offense is shaping up to work. McKenzie has overhauled the offensive line and brought in a bunch of big, mashing run blockers. It was clear from a very early point that McKenzie wants to be able to run the ball. It makes even more sense now because that is the type of offense where Schaub does his best work.

Expect the Raiders offense to look somewhat similar to the Texans, minus the zone blocking scheme. They will be run heavy on first and second down in order to set up manageable third downs. Schaub will not be asked to do a ton, but rather to manage the offense and do just enough. Rather than thinking Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, think Alex Smith or Russell Wilson. Pound in the run game and set up favorable passing conditions for the quarterback.

This is similar to the Raiders of old except for the fact that Schaub is not necessarily a stretch the field kind of quarterback. The concept, however, is the same. Run the ball to throw the ball. The Raiders have built a solid foundation to insert Schaub into, ensuring that he will be comfortable in the new offense because it will emphasize what he does best.

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  • R8RROB

    I love it


    Now let’s see if our OC will expand his playback to make use of our new found strengths…

  • Larry Dalzell

    I agree R8DRMAGZ, and a better pick than Vick or Sanchez…