Brandon Spikes becomes instant fan favorite in Buffalo


When Brandon Spikes signed with the Buffalo Bills I knew fans would welcome him with open arms, what I didn’t know was how popular he was actually going to be. Spikes quickly became a Bills fan favorite in just a few hours with his behavior on Twitter and this tweet pretty much sums things up:


Brandon Spikes has yet to play a single snap for the Bills, he hasn’t attended a practice or a team meeting or even put on a Buffalo jersey yet. That hasn’t stopped him from grabbing a hold of all the love and support the great fans of Buffalo excessively pour out to their team though. Spikes is exactly what we fans needed, a player with a great sense of humor who interacts with his fans and doesn’t shy away from confronting all the haters. You never know what Spikes is going to tweet next but chances are you are going to enjoy it.

Whether he’s retweeting an angry Patriots fan or questioning how paper beats rock in ‘rock, paper, scissors’ he gives us Bills fans something to look forward to on Twitter. I have been on Twitter for a long time and I dont think I have ever seen a Buffalo Bill who has such open and two way communication with his fans and I think its great.

I asked Spikes if he would like our facebook page and he quickly followed me. Im pretty sure he is the first and only Buffalo Bills player to ever follow me on Twitter and I got to say I was pretty excited about it. Spikes truly embraces his fans and he seems to enjoy interacting with them just as much as they enjoy interacting with him. Its this interaction that is going to result in a sea of Spikes jerseys in the stands come the first home game before he even takes his first snap in the Ralph. Well that and the fact that a ton of Bills fans still have their Takeo Spikes jersey’s.


If you are not following @BrandonSpikes51 you definitely should be and if you’re not even on twitter you should take the 5 minutes to set up an account just so you can follow him. At this time in the off season where absolutely nothing football related is going on Spikes is giving #BillsMafia something to enjoy and look forward to. So keep up with those tweets Spikes, we Bills fans on Twitter more than appreciate your relationship with us.

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