What’s with all this Mark Sanchez to Buffalo talk?


As the Bills continue on with their plan to get this team back to where it was years ago they seem to be held by a major position. The quarterback position has been a point of concern for years in Buffalo and drafting EJ Manuel didn’t ease any negative feelings in that department if you ask me. Multiple injuries, below average play and being deemed a project when drafted wasn’t something you wanted to see/hear after our use of a high first round selection on him. But what’s done is done and now I’m watching and waiting to see what this team is going to do about the backup position? A name that seems to keep coming up is Mark Sanchez, but why? Both NFL.com and Cbssports.com both have had articles saying it’s a possibility and could be a good fit.

Bills fans know this guy very well and I would have to believe many wouldn’t be happy to see this signing if it ever happened. Sanchez is a guy that has playoff experience and some skill but would he really be content as the backup here to start with? Also I never really thought he had the arm needed to exceptionally play in this division with the weather conditions we face every week. Sanchez has proven to be an interception machine at times including 2 games within the last few seasons where the Bills got 4+ a game from him. When he does finally gather rhythm he seems to be okay but when that’s disrupted he just seems to fall apart.

The Bills for sure need to do something because I personally don’t think Manuel is the answer. Do I hope he is? Absolutely, but all the injuries he sustained during his rookie season is a serious cause of concern and I think it could be a major problem if he ever goes down again. Along with that his skill really isn’t all that great if you ask me. He has had some flashes that have you saying “wow I can’t believe we got this guy” but then that tends to be followed by poor and very questionable decisions. It’s Buffalo and were used to it, right? What do you think about the Bills possibly perusing Sanchez? I say pass and find someone else. A different veteran or draft a guy in middle rounds. Aaron Murray anyone??

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