Could the Pittsburgh Steelers be on the prowl for a nose tackle in the draft?


In the 3-4 scheme of Dick LeBeau and the Pittsburgh Steelers, having a strong nose tackle is a must. For the better part of the last decade-plus, the man clogging the middle was none other than Mr. Casey Hampton. And he was a wall. A big, unmovable wall.

But the Steelers released the aging Hampton before last season started.

Statistically the Steelers ranked 21st in stopping the run last season which is just a little down from coming in second in 2012.

While Al Woods and company did a serviceable job plugging the middle, they were no Casey Hampton.

And Al Woods left in free agency, but luckily the Steelers signed big Cam Thomas who most recently played for the Chargers and also who most people smarter than me about football say has a huge upside.

But I don’t think the Steelers should stop there. They should look towards the draft.

Which leads us to cover32’s official Top 10 DT in the draft.

The Steelers sit at 15, so there’s a chance the top two guys will be there. Time will tell, but I would like to see Pittsburgh make DT a priority come April.

Be sure to check out cover32’s official Top 10 DT list by clicking HERE!

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  • bob graff

    With the talent level at the skill positions so high taking a nose guard doesn’t seem like a good idea. Yes there is a need there but there are needs at almost every position.We really need a corner and a pass rusher on defense and on offense we have needs everywhere but QB and center. Last years draft class is still unproven Jones was ineffective , Bell took over 300 touches to get to 1100 yards, Thomas played well when healthy. I feel this will be a make or break year for this group. In short we need play makers and passing on them for a nose guard just wouldn’t be smart with the group of players in this draft.

  • Smashmouth

    i have todisagree the steelers started the season intent on using the zone blocking scheme which they had been practicing in the preseason the first regular game they lost the OL signal caller in the first few minutes of the game and that was pretty much it for the run game for the first 4 weeks of the season it was pretty amazing that Bell hit 1100 yards at all after that but he did set the rookie rushing record for the steelers as for Thomas imo he will play more at end than nose tackle as long as mcclendon is healthy

    • bob graff

      I really don’t mean to bash but. Bell didn’t set the rookie rushing record, it was the total yards rookie record and it took over 100 more touches to do it. And Shamarko Thomas plays safety not d-line. I’m really a big Steeler fan but this team needs some help, so far this off season they are really trying. All i’m saying is don’t count a player as being good until they have proven it.

      • Anonymous

        I think he was referring to Cam Thomas playing more DE than NT. And who calls them nose guards anymore, the more widely used terms are Defensive Tackle ( DT) or Nose Tackle (NT). As for the comment below; what are you nuts? We are trying to get younger on defense, not older. Hampton had problems maintaining his conditioning levels before sitting on the couch for a year and a half.

        • bob graff

          I used the old school term nose guard to over play the difference between safety and D-line, And the fact i was speaking about Shamarko, our 3 rd round draft choice “last years draft class”

  • Anonymous

    They should get Hampton out of retirement until they get a decent replacement.