Mike Williams time with Tampa Bay Buccaneers is running out


Yet again, Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Mike Williams has found himself in a police report. According to the Tampa Tribune, Williams was stabbed in the leg Sunday by his brother Eric Baylor. This is the latest incident in a growing laundry list of off-field incidents for the troubled wide out.

According to Hillsborough County authorities, the stabbing occurred sometime Sunday afternoon, and the injury to Williams’ left thigh was non-life threatening. As of this column the sheriff’s office is still on the lookout for Baylor who is charged with aggravated battery and domestic violence.

While Williams would appear to be the victim in this case, he has maintained a consistent presence in the Tampa police blotter. The former Syracuse standout was sent to and released from the hospital this past Sunday night, the same day in which the alleged incident occurred.

Details are still yet to be sorted out and a host of questions have been raised regarding exactly what happened this weekend at Williams’ residence. This isn’t the first time that Bucs fans have had to read non-football related news about the aforementioned player. Whether it be criminal mischief and trespassing charges, or being sued causing $43,000 in damage to a rental property, or racking up $200,000 in team fines, it’s always something for the 2010 draft pick.

A fourth round selection, Williams’ might have gone as early as the first or second had he not been such a headache in college. His reputation was sour enough for him to drop to the Bucs as the 101st overall pick after being kicked off his Syracuse team.

Simply ridding the roster of Williams at this moment would be a detriment to the Bucs on the field. Williams has proven to be a more than capable number two receiving option. However, Tampa Bay needs to seriously consider bolstering the position this offseason. Last year Williams missed most of the season with a hamstring injury. Who knows what he’ll miss due to suspension if his behavior isn’t curtailed.

Lovie Smith and general manager Jason Licht have a tough decision on their hands. Roy Cummings of the Tribune reported that the team has yet to make contact with Williams. Time is running out for the Bucs and their star crossed pass catcher. If the latest news is any indication, the time has come to move on from number 19.

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