O Captain, My Denver Broncos Captain

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There is no question who the captain of the Denver Broncos offense is. Peyton Manning is the unquestionable leader and most definitely deserves the “C” on his jersey. Offensive tackle Ryan Clady is also an offensive captain, and deserves that distinction, but we all know who is calling the shots in the huddle.

But who will be the captain of the Broncos defense next season? Champ Bailey and Wesley Woodyard were the defensive captains last year, and they are both no longer on the team. Champ was released and Woodyard signed with the Titans.

A leader is lacking on that side of the ball as the Broncos search for a more staunch defensive identity.

So, who will Ware the “C” in 2014, because I have a hunch it might be the Broncos new $30 million man. Demarcus Ware wore the “C” in the “Big D” for years, and in my estimation he is the perfect man for the job. He can lead by example, lead in the locker room, and lead off the field as well.

Ware was signed not only to make plays, but to be a vocal force as well. The Broncos offense had an identity in 2013, and that was they were going to score, score, and score some more. The defense did not. They showed flashes of athleticism, but lacked an attitude that seems necessary to win it all. Ware has the ability to be a captain and help create an identity, and that’s why John Elway went after him the instant he hit the free agent market.

Who will be the other member of the defense to earn the “C”?

Will Von Miller step into a larger role? We all know he is a gifted athlete and an immense talent, but he’s never been relied upon to lead. Will this sack master sack up and become a captain?

Will newcomer T.J. Ward get a crack at the captainship because he is known for cracking opponents who come across the middle?

Maybe Aqib Talib will pick up right where Bailey left off. A shutdown corner with a capital “C” on his jersey?

It is a possibility that only Ware gets the “C”. Some teams only roll with one for each phase of the game. There is also a possibility Ware will not be captain and I am way off.

Maybe it will be a sleeper captain – someone we are over looking. A playmaker from last year. Like Chris Harris Jr. or Terrence Knighton.

We will “C” who gets the “C” in time. But no matter what there will be a new defensive captain for the Broncos D, and he will be looked upon to help the Broncos foster more W’s.

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