Will one of these defensive tackles be wearing purple and black?


With the NFL draft just around the corner, the Ravens have set themselves up very nicely and are now in a position where they can take the best player available.  However, there is always a underlying bit of need in the equation, and Ozzie Newsome is one of the best in the business at identifying needs down the line.

Last year, the team selected Brandon Williams in the third round, and many consider Williams to be a future staple point of the interior defensive line.  But as any football fan knows, you can never have too many big bodies on defense.  This year’s draft features an eclectic mix of talent at defensive tackle suited for a variety of schemes, and the Ravens are always looking for the opportunity to add value to their defense.  Take a look at the top 10 defensive tackles in this year’s draft and see if any players jump out at you.  For all we know, one of them could already be at the top of Newsome and De Costa’s list.

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