Coach Pete Carroll dislikes proposed rules


The NFL is considering a number of rule changes for the 2014 season. Among the ideas being floated around is a proposal by the New England Patriots to move the line of scrimmage for a point-after attempt from the two-yard line back to the 25, making it a 43-yard field goal attempt.

A few more that were approved just today have mostly to do with instant replay and player safety.

Some of the ideas are good, some of them are silly. On the far end of the silly spectrum is the genius idea to move the kickoff marker to the 40 from the 35. Head coach Pete Carroll voiced his displeasure with that load of stupid on Sirius Radio Monday:

“If they move it to the 40, they won’t have any returns… I don’t think that’s what the league wants. And we want to have a chance to return some with Percy Harvin back there.”

I never get tired of watching that clip. Anyway.

Moving the ball up another five yards would diminish the return game for the NFL and it’s an atrocious idea. The Seahawks should not be penalized for having a super-human blur on their team that can turn a game on its head in 12 seconds or less.

You know the old saying, if they can’t beat you, change the rules…

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