Cowboys Twitter Trolling


The league is having their annual owners meetings this week down in Orlando, Florida so the cowboys twitterverse is all…well a twitter. Here’s some of the things that are going on.
Happy birthday to last year’s first round draft pick Travis Fredrick.

Jarred Allen has yet to make his decision. Writer Skip Bayless has a message for him about joining America’s team.

DeVotne Holloman says what we all feel

This is good for Dallas, they can’t trade these picks but it gives them a jump so they can draft players who they might have otherwise been planning to peruse as undrafted free agents.

You don’t think of Deion leveling hard hits but this one on Emmitt sure looks rough

Ralph Wilson died earlier today. Here are Jerry Jones comments on the former owner of the Bills passing.


Hopefully Dallas is able to recoup some of the money paid to Ratliff.


That’s all for now, Twitter Trolling will be back next week. See you all then.

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