Jim Irsay’s arrest: A positive for the Indianapolis Colts?


For years it has been suspected that the Colts owner, Jim Irsay, has been struggling with a drug problem.

On March 16th our concerns were confirmed when he was arrested on a DUI charge, as well as felony controlled substance charges.

Over the last three years, Irsay has brought himself into the limelight with endless tweets and comments, most being controversial providing plenty of fuel for the media.

Having dropped from 235 pounds to 165 over just a few months, it seemed our fears were about to be realized. It was only a matter of time before his wild private life came under the microscope. While it’s well known that Irsay has struggled with addiction problems in the past, he has now checked himself in to a rehab facility for the second time. Hopefully he is going for the right reason, and not just for some good public relations out of a story that has followed the Colts’ owner like a dark cloud.

So while the other 31 owners met in Florida this week, it was Irsay’s daughter that filled his chair.

Now why would the arrest of an owner be a good thing for the Colts? Simply put, it has taken out one of the more embarrassing factors the Colts have dealt with over the last couple years.

Irsay made headlines last season when he was quoted that Andrew Luck will be able to bring championships to Indy unlike his predecessor. He also sends out several tweets a week and will often forget to censor himself before posting them for the world to see. The manic behavior the Colts’ owner that is running a young team with limited experience can and has turned some players away out of fear of instability.

Unlike Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jim Irsay does not call for big press conferences to make outlandish claims. Instead he provides enough rope to hang himself without the media needing to help. While he battles his recovery this season he is sure to keep him out of the public eye, which is not a bad thing.

The organization will now have a chance at having a season with limited controversy giving them an opportunity to have a keep a low profile. Free agents will now find Indianapolis more appealing than before, possibly even all-pro quality play makers to add to Andrew Luck’s arsenal.

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