Power Rankings: Who’s the Detroit Lions greatest ever and where’s he rank?


Every team has a GOAT. You know, the “greatest of all-time.” The best player to ever don the uniform. The first pick on every fan’s Mount Rushmore.

Whether a franchise has been around since the early years of the National Football League or was the most-recent addition via expansion, someone is atop their all-time roster. If they’ve played a game, one player has emerged as the best ever.

But that does mean that all GOATs are created equally. Far from it. Some are perennial Pro Bowl selections. Some are Hall of Fame inductees. And others are in the rarest of stratospheres, going down as one of the league’s iconic figures.

With that notion in mind, the editors at cover32 rated every team’s greatest all-time player, from No. 1 to 32, to determine which franchise has the best of the best. There’s two parts to the equation: First, selecting each team’s GOAT. Second, ranking those players.

To see how it shaped up, click here.

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  • Robert

    Emmitt Smith over Barry Sanders? Who got paid off or who is using drugs? Barry would hve boke every rushing record known to man had he played 1 or 2 more years. Smith stayed well past his time in order to get the record. And I think Aikman was the reason Dallas won 3 Super Bowls.
    Barry was also better the Jim Brown too.
    Lastly, Calvin Johnson isn’t in the top 10 yet, but he is in the top 20 and by the time he is done he will be in the top 4.
    The Lions don’t have much but we do have 2 of the greatest of all time!!!