Report: Von Miller’s lost 15 pounds — Broncos called it “muscle” five months ago

Credit: Chris Humphreys, USA TODAY Sports

According to Vic Lombardi of CBS4, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is ahead of schedule in his ACL recovery after tearing it against the Texans in December. That’s obviously good news, but something else about Lombardi’s tweet caught our eye.

That’s curious, because weren’t we told Miller had gained 15 pounds of muscle before returning from his six game suspension last year? Yes, yes we were.

Twitter’s a pretty magical place, full of archives that can’t be debated. cover32 founder James Merilatt never bought the spin then, and still doesn’t now (note the dates).

Look, I get the Broncos are going to protect their guys and make things seem better than they are. But, Miller looked slow last year before his ACL tear, and now that 15 pounds of “muscle” he was carrying around is mysteriously gone.

It’s a good thing for the 2014 Broncos, but the report today confirms what we were told in October didn’t add up.

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  • BroncosFan11

    I agree. He got fat and was noticeably slower. I hope he continues getting in better shape and returns to his previous glory.