Tennessee Titans, Chris Johnson might be headed toward ugly breakup


The notion that Chris Johnson will be traded or released by the Tennessee Titans remains steady.

That, however, hasn’t changed Johnson’s outlook on contributing to the team, which could be as early as April 7.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, Johnson plans to show up for offseason workouts if he’s still with the team.

“Yeah, I plan on being there,” Johnson said on Tuesday. “If I haven’t been traded or released by that time, I will show up in Nashville and be ready to go from day one with the team. There’s been a lot of speculation about the future, and where I’ll be. But I am under contract with the Tennessee Titans. That’s my team. And whatever team I am with when the offseason program starts, that is where I am showing up.

“I want to run and lift with the team and do what I can to make the team better. If April 7 gets here and I am on the Tennessee roster, then I am going to show up ready to go.”

If history has taught us anything, it’s that these situations usually turn out for the worse.

Steve McNair was banned from the Titans facility despite still being under contract with the team in 2006 and was eventually traded to the Baltimore Ravens. If Johnson is banned from the facility like McNair was, Tennessee risks turning even more fans away from the team and their product.

Johnson is a fan-favorite, much like McNair was and it could turn into a very ugly situation if this thing doesn’t play out soon.

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  • Zack

    While I agree with this article about the possibility of Johnson and the Titans getting ugly… there’s a problem that just isn’t true. Chris Johnson IS NOT a fan favorite!!! Any writer saying he is, has no clue what they’re talking about and needs to do a much better job with their research. The majority of the residents of Nashville have been screaming for the Titans to ship Johnson out for the last 3 seasons. This last season was the final straw for the majority of Titans fans. Therefore, the majority will be very happy when he’s gone.

    • Raj Prashad

      I understand some fans love him and some hate him. Some just want Johnson cut and others think TN should keep paying the man for 3.9 yards per carry. Not sure there is a majority on either side. I haven’t found any concrete proof that he’s a fan-favorite other than this: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/950116-the-best-selling-jersey-for-every-nfl-team/page/11

      He’s easily Tennessee’s most polarizing figure and the biggest name on the team. That’s not to say no one can overtake him, but it is what it is right now. Regardless, the point is that he can make a mess if Tennessee doesn’t get rid of him before the facility opens to players again.

  • Tony

    I agree 100%. i would be glad to get a hand off, run up the line and stop and fall down for millions less than he does it for. I would gladly do it for 1 million a year and save the team lots of money. It was like clockwork, once he got the big contract, he quit playing hard! I’ll personally be glad to see him go.