Twitter Tuesday: Could the St. Louis Rams and Atlanta Falcons be trade partners again?


Last year, the Rams traded down with the Atlanta Falcons from no. 22 to no. 30 and selected Alec Ogletree. This year, the two teams could be trade partners again, as Atlanta has made it clear that they want to move up from their no. 6 slot.

Keep an eye out for a potential deal.

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  • BG79

    I hope the Falcons don’t have to trade up and can still get the player they want.For me I hope we can either get Clowney or Kalil Mack, but if not one of them then Greg Robinson, and if not him I guess maybe Anthony Barr but who ever we pick I’m sure will land a pretty good player………..RISE UP……FALCONS……..!!!!

  • John

    I have an idea, trade Harry Douglas and our picks 2 – 7 and our 1st for 2015 for both of St. Louis’ first round picks. That way they get the wide receiver they need and a boat load of picks… and we get 3 first round picks a 4th and 2 7th.