Dear Roddy White: Do not write checks your butt cannot cash


March Madness can be a crazy time of year, the upsets can be even crazier, and the wagers that take place can be the craziest. No one expected 14th-seeded Mercer to beat 3rd-seeded Duke, no one including Roddy White who made a pretty bold wager, with a random fan, to put premium season tickets up for grabs. At an estimated $1,500 a seat per game, White would have to spend quite the pretty penny if his bet fell through.

When White was asked via Twitter how far he thought Duke would go in the NCAA Tournament, he thought pretty far, as in the championship game. Another one of White’s Twitter followers disagreed with his prediction and stated the Bears would upset the Blue Devils in the first round. An overly confident White told the fan if Mercer beat Duke, he would give him season tickets, on the 50 yard line in the first row.

Mercer shocked the college basketball world Friday with a 78-71 victory over Duke. White began backing off the arrangement soon after that.

That same fan, Dylan Hoyt promptly informed White that he needed to come through on their wager. Hoyt would later tell members of the media that he really never expected anything from White. He just wants this to go away, after all he is a longtime Falcons fan.

Former Falcon Brian Finneran, who is now a broadcaster on 680 the fan told Hoyt Monday that he will make sure he sets him up with Roddy for at least one game of his choosing.

Though White will be giving the fan his prize, it doesn’t appear to be the original wager the wideout had proposed. Instead of season tickets he is presumably giving the fan tickets to the Bears game. The fan had tweeted “Go Bears” all day Friday, but he was referring to the Mercer Bears and not the Chicago Bears.

White then went on to say he was done with the bet. I think it’s safe to say he’s also done with gambling on Twitter.

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