Should the Dolphins trade for Evan Mathis?


The Eagles are open to trading offensive Guard  Evan Mathis.  Mathis did not have a negative game in 2013 according to PFF. He also only missed two snaps last season. The reason the Eagles may want to trade him is because he is 32 and wants a new contract in the near future.

So, should the Dolphins trade for Mathis? As of right now Shelly Smith would be a starting guard while only playing in 14 games. Leaving Dallas Thomas, Sam Brenner, and Nate Garner to fight it out for the other guard spot.

The Dolphins do need to stop signing free agents and build through the draft, but having three pro-bowl level linemen does sound pretty awesome. Drafting guys to learn from these three and compete for future jobs wouldn’t be a bad idea. The Dolphins have the cap space to give Mathis a deal as well.

If I am GM Dennis Hickey, I am not spending more than a 5th or possibly a 4th for Mathis. For his age and salary, anything more would be too much. Another thing to think about, possibly switching first round picks (19 for 22) would be an interesting idea. There isn’t anyone the Dolphins really want at 19 so why not trade down?

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  • gunnar

    Id say only give up a 5th.