Who is the best defensive tackle ever drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers?


Hint: Much like Jack Ham, this is an easy one.

In fact, on Tuesday cover32 released every team’s all-time greatest player. They chose Jack Lambert, who is clearly one of the Steelers all-time greats.

However, I believe that the greatest defensive tackle is also the greatest Steeler ever.

And that man is:

“Mean” Joe Greene

Was there ever any doubt?

The man dominated the defensive line of the “Steel Curtain” and is widely argued to be the greatest defensive lineman of all time.

During his 13-year stint in the NFL (all with Pittsburgh) the former fourth overall pick in the 1969 draft has a ledger book of accolades.

Complementing the four Super Bowl titles, Greene was also a 10 time Pro Bowler, five time All Pro, two-time defensive player of the year (1972 & 1974) and no longer has his number 75 issued by the Steelers.

He recorded 78.5 sacks in 181 games and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1987.

No doubt that “Mean” Joe Greene is not only the greatest defensive tackle to play in Pittsburgh, but he might be the greatest player ever.

Honorable Mentions

– Joel Steed

– Casey Hampton

– Ernie Staunter

Agree? Disagree? Comment below and discuss!

Main Photo Credit: steelersdepot.com

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