At DT Buffalo's horrible drafting continued


One of the biggest problems for the Bills in the early century through 2011 was the defensive line. In 2006 the Bills tried to remedy this situation by trading up to draft John McCargo in the late first round after they passed on Halotia Nagta to draft Donte (W)Hitner.

Most Draft boards had the North Carolina State partner of Mario Williams going in the mid second or third round. But for some reason Buffalo thought that John was special enough that another team in need of a defensive tackle would snatch him out from under them and so they had to go after him.

They were wrong.

McCargo spent most of his career with the Buffalo Bills completely out of shape. Listen I know defensive lineman are supposed to be big and some say fat, but they still call themselves athletes for a reason. Hell look at Geno Atkins, he is huge but there are few average Americans that could go through his conditioning drills without damn near killing themselves.

As for Johnny boy he was just big and utterly out of shape and he couldn’t get through the simple drills at training camps his rookie year, ya know the ones he was being paid first round money to be able to complete. At one point, our second number 1 pick was seen passed out. In fact, McCargo was so out of shape when Buffalo tried to ship his sorry backside off to Indy in a trade. The Colts took one look at their oversized package and sent him right back because he didn’t pass a physical.

Luckily the Bills recent Defensive tackle situation is one of the most secure spots on the team. Lead by defensive team captain and pro bowler Kyle Williams (who by the way, was drafted four rounds AFTER McCargo), and fellow pro bowler Marcell Dareus (who has room for improvement and this writer predicts will have a breakout monster year in 2014). These two big, behemoth ATHLETES are filling the void that MaCargo just wasn’t able to fill, and along with Kiko, Spikes and Mario should pose one of the most intimidating fronts the league has today.

McCargo spent five completely unproductive seasons with the Bills and a year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who cut and resigned him so many times in 2011 that he actually became a sympathetic figure. Needless to say, McCargo is no longer playing in the NFL and holds the distinction of being the worst draft pick at defensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills.

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