Evan Mathis posts funny picture about contract talks with Philadelphia Eagles


Yesterday, we posted about how the Philadelphia Eagles had placed left guard Evan Mathis on the trade block because he had reportedly asked for a new contract. Mathis is set to make $5.15 million this season, and the yearning for a little extra cash isn’t insane on his part. Mathis is arguably the best guard in football, and made the Pro Bowl last season. Not to mention, he’s a scheme fit in Philadelphia.

Late last night, Mathis responded to the day’s earlier reports by posting this hilarious Instagram photo.

image (2)

What I’m getting from that is he’s being told to either stand up and get his coin, or just shut up and play. Either way, the ripped up $20 bill is a classic.

This is the polar opposite of something DeSean Jackson would post. It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out, but I don’t see the Eagles trading Mathis.

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