Roddy White Saga: Super Bowl bound


The Roddy White gambling saga has finally come to its end. Earlier this evening Roddy White reached out to Dyan Hoyt via Twitter with the offer of a lifetime. White posted: “@DHoyt77 2 season tickets, 2 SB tix, pregame sideline passes to game and a day at camp as my guest. How does that sound” This offer is every Falcon fan’s dream, and Atlanta front office executives can finally see some positive PR on the matter after about a week’s worth of media bashing.

The tweet was removed shortly after but White addressed the doubters in this tweet:

To the parents on here that I am your kids role model let them know I am a man of my word because they actually do matter to me

— Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) March 27, 2014

At the end of the day Roddy learned a valuable lesson: Do not gamble with fans on Twitter. As for the fan in the middle of this ordeal, he could have not been more classy. The media blew a fun exchange between fan and player into something it should have ever become. This will be an example of why athletes should not socialize with fans on social media… It makes White into the villain, when he is much more than that for this city. Now everyone can put this behind and focus on football! I stand behind Roddy, and so will the rest of the Falcon fan base!

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