Stan Thomas goes down in bad Bears history


In 1991, the Bears selected Stan Thomas from the University of Texas with the 22nd overall pick in the draft.  The pick was not well received by then Bears coach and legend Mike Ditka.

In a 2006 interview, Ditka voiced his displeasure with the Bears front office at that time and their choice to draft Thomas:

“Maybe we should have won another Super Bowl, but the problems started when we got an owner that wanted to make football decisions when he knew nothing about football.  He told us who to sign, who to trade, and who to draft.  Like drafting Stan Thomas.  I wanted nothing to do with Stan Thomas, but the owner wanted him, and that’s the way it was.”

Thomas was in and out of Chicago quickly, appearing in 26 games over two seasons and starting only seven.  Thomas’ lasting image in Chicago was getting in a heated argument with coach Ditka on the sidelines of a televised game in 1992.

In ’93, Thomas was demoted in training camp due to an off-season arrest for driving under the influence, and he later walked out.  He was then traded to Houston where he played two seasons, appearing in 30 games with no starts.  After that, he never played in another NFL game.

Thomas’ legal troubles continued after his playing days, and in 2004 he was arrested for alleged sexual assault of a 21-year-old woman in San Diego, California.  The charges were later dropped

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