Tennessee Titans one piece away from playoff run?


Tennessee has built a solid foundation on both sides of the ball through the draft and solid free agency pickups over recent years.

That’s at least the thought stemming from Todd McShay’s comments Wednesday.

The Titans’ roster is better than a lot of people give the team credit for, says McShay. It comes down to the quarterback as it does in so many situations.

“If you put Andrew Luck with this team, you’d be talking about a potential Super Bowl team,” McShay said.

While I wouldn’t argue the Titans chasing a quarterback in the draft if one of the top guys are left at 11, they are more than a signal caller away from a playoff run.

Tennessee was still pretty dreadful against the run last year, allowing over 100 yards per game on the ground and couldn’t get the big stops when necessary. It speaks quite a bit to what the Titans have done over recent years that they would be considered in that class, but the fact remains that there are still holes to fill on the defensive line and at linebacker.

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