The five biggest jerks in the NFL? Guess which Detroit Lions player made the list


Tim Weaver of has compiled a list of the five biggest jerks in the NFL. His opinion of course will be swayed into players that directly effect the Seahawks, but a Detroit Lions player did make the cut. Predictably, Ndamukong Suh is featured here, and most would agree he deserves it, though he is given credit for a hit he laid on another member of this esteemed list.

In Detroit, we would probably place players such as Jared Allen on there for his derogatory comments about our fine city and for the way he has abused our quarterbacks. I was really excited to see him leaving Minnesota until he was picked up by our other division rival Chicago Bears. It just feels like Allen was put on earth to abuse the Lions, though I think that contract will stifle the Bears before it’s over.

Alas, Allen didn’t make this list, and it’s a pretty good one. Give it a read below and let him know how you feel about Suh(even if you think he should be ranked higher) and also who he omitted. My least favorite player didn’t make the cut, so, maybe I’ll do one of my own soon.

Five biggest jerks in the NFL(READ)

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