Top 5+: New Orleans Saints need one of these cornerbacks


Ask any Saints fan in the world what our biggest need going into the draft is, and more than half will emphatically reply with “cornerback”. As one of those voices, I will be quite disappointed if they don’t draft a cornerback in the first two rounds. The options are plenty this year and while not as deep as the wide receiver class, there will be talent on the board no matter who the other teams draft. That said, here’s a few guys I’d be happy to see don the black and gold come training camp

6.) Jason Verrett (TCU) – 5-foot-9, 159 lb. 1st round prospect.

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Watching Verrett play is a joy. His ball skills are pretty impressive and his instincts are on par with the best of prospects. The feisty cornerback reminds me a lot of Cortland Finnegan with the way he talks the talk and backs it up. Like Finnegan, Verrett is quite small; what they lack in size though, they make up for in aggressiveness. He covers receivers really well, and makes up for diminutive stature with an impressive vertical leap (only two cornerbacks had higher vertical leaps than his 39-inch one). He initially projects at nickelback though, whereas the Saints’ cornerback focus lies out wide. After a season where they finished 24th in terms of interceptions, a playmaker would be welcome in the secondary – Verrett would give NOLA that.

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  • Glynn

    Do you see Justin Gilbert as a chance here? Do you think the Saints would be willing to trade up for him? From his tape he reminds me of Patrick Peterson and the Saints could use his playmaking ability as a first day starter and as a special teams player.

  • Neer

    I don’t see it, mainly as the only trade I see us making is a trade down. We have many holes in terms of depth, so we’ll likely use our picks wisely. I expect a trade up in the middle rounds ala the trade up last year to pick up Jenkins. If it was likely that we’d move up to get Gilbert, he’d be at the top of this list. He’s a great talent, and his tape has me thinking his floor is being a high-level #2 CB – perfect for us.