Top 5: Ranking all-time Colts coaches


The franchise has had less than half of their head coaches leave with a winning record. Though they have had some lemons for coaches, they have also had their share of good coaches as well. I have decided to rank the ones I feel deserve to be in the top five. This list will not contain Chuck Pagano despite having a 13-7 record while on the sidelines. He easily possesses the capability to become one of the great Colts’ coaches but he is still untested. So his status as a top coach is debatable. Also, Bruce Arians boasted a 9-3 record after stepping in for Pagano, in the wake of the news that would be undergoing cancer treatments. Though his record is impressive, he was not technically head coach, nor did he coach an entire season.

So we start the list with the coach who was on the sidelines for the “greatest game ever played”.

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