Top 5 things that would’ve happened if Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl

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After the Denver Broncos got clobbered by the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl, General Manager John Elway knew their needed to be some changes.

The team looked unprepared and not even close to fast or tough enough to compete with the Seahawks.

But what if the outcome was different? What if the Broncos won the game easily or by blowout?

Here is what would have happened this offseason if Denver hoisted the Lombardi Trophy:

5. Broncos still would have signed DeMarcus Ware
Even with the season Shaun Phillips had, the Broncos would look to upgrade. Phillips only had one sack in the last six games. He did have two against the Chargers in the playoffs but was invisible in the next two games. Ware would have been an upgrade for a team that was still missing Elvis Dumervil.

4. Knowshon Moreno would be back
Even if the running back had an average game against the Seahawks, Moreno would be signed by the Broncos. Denver seems content on going with Montee Ball but pairing the two together worked great last season. The Broncos need emotion and Moreno was that guy.

3. The Broncos would have stood pat at safety
The Broncos’ loss showed Denver what dominating safeties can do. But if the Broncos win and the “Legion of Boom” goes silent, Denver is not dying to sign T.J. Ward. They would have waited for Rahim Moore to get back and probably re-sign Mike Adams. The signing of Ward was a direct reaction to the physical play of the Seahawks secondary.

2. Eric Decker would walk but Broncos do make an offer
Everybody kind of saw Decker leaving the Broncos. He was going to get paid like a No. 1 receiver even though Denver saw him as a No. 2. The Broncos would have made an offer, especially if he played well in the Super Bowl. Decker would have been too expensive and walked anyway. The Broncos just would have tried harder.

1.John Fox has an extension
This is the issue everyone wants to talk about. Why does Fox not have a new contract. The bad news is he has been out-coached in the last two playoff losses for the Broncos. He said he will work with a one-year deal but he has to feel the seat getting warm. The Broncos win that game, Fox is the coach for the next four years at least.

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