Will Matt Schaub succeed in Oakland?


Matt Schaub had a really tough year in 2013; he had such a bad year the Houston Texans decide to move on from him being their franchise QB, just one year after signing a huge extension.

The Oakland Raiders have bet big on Schaub still being able to produce at a high level. The question is will Matt Schaub succeed in Oakland?

The first problem I see with Schaub playing for the Raiders is who is he going to throw the ball too? He has had the luxury of throwing to Andre Johnson for much of his career.

The Raiders have no big name receivers on their roster currently.

Schaub was lucky to have Arian Foster in the back field for most of his tenure with the the Texans. Having a star running back keeps extra players in the box and opens up the throws down the field.

Here is a stat for you, from 2009 until this year 45% of Schaub’s pass yards were to Arian Foster and Andre Johnson. Without these two star players there is a chance Schaub would have had a really hard time being as productive with the football.

Rashad Jennings showed promise for the Raiders but they let him leave in free agency instead keeping the oft injured Darren McFadden. McFadden has potential but is injury prone; he has yet to play all 16 games any year of his career.

Without running support Schaub will probably struggle.

Yet another problem is the Raiders offensive line, they were horrible last year, they were ranked 25th in run blocking and 29th in pass blocking.

The offensive allowed 44 sacks and the Raiders haven’t done anything to improve their o-line in free agency.

Unless they do sometime this offseason or through the draft, Matt Schaub is going to have a very long hard year.

The Raiders will need to shore up their O-line if they want to keep Schaub on his feet; he isn’t the most mobile passer in the game. Even with all of these potential stumbling blocks in the way Matt Schaub is an upgrade to the Raiders passing game.

If Schaub can get back to his pro-bowl form the Raiders are going to look very smart after making this deal. But the question still remains will Schaub succeed in Oakland?

Time will tell he and the Raiders have a lot of work ahead of them.

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