Dwan Edwards: Where is he now?


When you bring up the name “Dwan Edwards” to a Ravens fan, there comes a slight pause, followed by a, “Who?” If this describes you — and I’m guessing it does — no worries. Doesn’t mean you’re not a true fan. It just means that Edwards may not have made an impression on you the way Haloti Ngata does.

Edwards was selected in the second round of the 2004 NFL Draft out of Oregon State. For that draft, the Ravens didn’t have a first round selection, making Dwan Edwards their top pick. Unfortunately, he was about the only player that Baltimore selected that year to end up having a semi-successful career.

In Dwan Edwards’ five years with the Ravens, he played in 56 regular season games, starting less than half of them. In fact, in his first three seasons, Edwards only started in one game. It wasn’t until Brian Billick’s last season as head coach that Edwards saw any true, meaningful playing time. In 2008 he missed the entire campaign due to a spinal injury before fighting back and returning to play in 2009 — his final season in Baltimore.

His stats were fairly pedestrian. Edwards had a total of two sacks and forced one fumble. A bust? Perhaps. However, the true misstep may have been drafting him that high in the first place. Again, I would argue that the 2004 NFL Draft was Ozzie Newsome’s worst, by far.

After the 2009 season, Edwards played two seasons with the Buffalo Bills before becoming a Carolina Panther in 2011, where he still plays. His stats are much better with those two teams than they ever were with Baltimore. Edwards is just one of those players that got lost in the shuffle. Not saying there is anything right or wrong with that, it just is what it is.

I personally will always remember him best from Madden 2006, as I would always take control of the defensive tackle before the ball was snapped…

In February and March when the NFL is in a bit of dry spell, it’s always nice to look back and refresh your mind on what the makeup of your team used to be like.

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