Five most tradable Colts players


The Indianapolis Colt’s front office has been no stranger to making moves since Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano have come to town in 2012. Trading away Jerry Hughes, making trades for Trent Richardson and Vontae Davis as well, so in light of this I have put together a list of the players on the Colts roster that are the most likely to be moves during the offseason.

5. Cory Redding 

Redding has only one year left on his three year deal he signed with the Colts in the 2012 offseason(10.5 million).

Although he has been the vocal leader of the Colts defense, his play has been about average since donning the royal blue, he will be making about 3.5 million in the upccoming season and will be a free agent next March.  Trading away a leader wouldn’t be the smartest venture, the Colts have always had defensive line issues and consistently faltered against the run. Redding is the best player on a weak defensive line and is on this list by virtue of his contract coupled with his play. He could be moved to free up a roster spot, or move up in the draft to get a player with a higher ceiling of potential.

4. Greg Tolar

Toler is on his second year with the Colts and is scheduled to make 4.5 million dollars. His play before the bye week was great as the Colts secondary was playing lights out. Toler went down week 7 against Denver and would never recover from it.

In the playoffs, he was getting assaulted by the Kansas City Chiefs receivers and could not cover anybody. His play in the game against the New England Patriots also was underwhelming. If his groin injury is to be an issue during the 2014 season, then the Colts will have a huge hole at the second cornerback slot as quarterbacks can throw that direction with ease.

The Colts have had issues with injury plagued cornerbacks in the past such as Kelvin Hayden and Jerraud Powers and don’t need another in Toler if worse comes to worst.

3. Laron Landry

Landry is on his second year of his four year contract with the Colts. He is due 3 million during the  season with a contract that is back loaded.

His play in the 2013 season was abysmal at best as he was the master of the tackle 20 yards down the field. He didn’t have an interception and missed four games as well, where injuries have been a problem in his past. His contract compared to other safeties that were signed this season makes me cringe, because they were far and away better than Landry.

The reason he is not the most tradable player is that the Colts are weak at the safety position with the departure of Antoine Bethea and need all the depth they can get.

2. Erik Walden

Brought in to take the place of Dwight Freeney, Walden was a big question mark signing as he never did anything of note for the Green Bay Packers other than get burned by Colin Kaepernick in the playoffs.

He was supposed to set the edge for the rush defense and failed to do so. He is due 4 million each year for the next three years. Walden doesn’t do much of anything from the outside linebacker position and is expendable as he doesn’t pass rush and has been bad against the run. If the Colts can receive a mid round draft pick, Grigson might pull the trigger on him.

1. Ricky Jean-Francois

The absolute most tradable player is Jean-Francois. He played sub par for the Colts last season and has three more years left on his contract.

He is due 4.5 million this coming season and a whopping 5.5 million each of the next two year. He was a backup for the 49ers the previous year and why he got a big deal like that was beyond me. He never did anything of value last season for the Colts and for the type of money it is appalling to say the least.

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