New Giants safety Quintin Demps maintains winning attitude on and off the field


Growing up in San Antonio, new Giants’ safety Quintin Demps had dreams of becoming the next Tony Parker or Tim Duncan. In middle school, Demps was more focused on hardwood than hard knocks, but soon “traded baskets for touchdowns” as he matured through high school.

“My mom said that I was destined for football since I came out of the womb,” Demps chuckled. “But when I was young, I thought I was going to be an NBA player.”

During his junior year at Theodore Roosevelt High School, Demps led his team to a Texas district title, and college scouts started to notice. Demps received a football scholarship at the University of Texas-El Paso, but was not yet focused on the potential of an NFL career. His mindset changed during his junior year.

“I didn’t think too much about an NFL career until my junior year [at UTEP] because the statistics are overwhelmingly against making the pros,” Demps said. “But I had a good friend who believed in me, and I started to get some looks from the pro scouts.”

By the time his senior year came around, it was widely speculated that the talented safety would get the call on draft day, but before that he had to handle some business; mainly the NFL Combine.

“I think the combine is a bit overrated. It’s tedious and causes too much anxiousness among the players,” the talented safety offered. “But nothing compares to seeing your name up on TV when you’re drafted. We thought that I may be drafted on the first day (Rounds 1 and 2), but I ended up getting picked by the Philadelphia Eagles on day two.”

How did the likable safety celebrate?

“We had a barbeque at a friend’s house. It was nice to share the moment with friends and family.”

Undoubtedly, the Giants are looking for Demps to jump-start their kick return game. The Texas speedster averaged 30.1 yards per kick return for the Kansas City Chiefs last season, with one touchdown, a 95-yard scamper against the Washington Redskins in December. Demps was reunited with head coach Andy Reid, after spending three seasons with the Houston Texans after being cut by Philadelphia.

In addition to his return game, Demps will also be a quality addition to what appears to a talented corps of safeties on the Giants’ roster, but he looks forward to that challenge. “I am just going to compete to the best of my ability. You don’t know how the situation will play out,” said the Giants’ newest number 35.

In addition to his immense talent, Demps brings a strong faith to the playing field as well. “I don’t see how players can play without a strong faith in God. With the trials and tribulations that you go through [as an NFL player], your faith always has to remain strong.”

With Demps, faith is not a one-way street, he chose the Giants “because they have shown they can win the super bowl in any given year.”

With a dynamic blend of strength and talent, Demps looks to be a quality addition for Big Blue in 2014.

Photo courtesy of Quintin Demps

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