Paul Posluszny: The anchor of the Jacksonville Jaguars


While the Jacksonville Jaguars have experienced a lot of movement and transitions recently with new management stepping into place, there remains one anchor that seems to be holding down the defense of our ship, and quite possibly the whole team.

Paul Posluszny is going on his eighth year in the league, which is good enough for ‘Poz’ to call him self one of the long-time veterans on the team. While only spending three years with the Jaguars, his productivity has only increased throughout the years.

In 2013, ‘Poz’ finished the season with 162 tackles, which was good enough to put him second in the league for tackles only behind the Bengals Vontaze Burfict with 171. ‘Poz’ is also a great pass rusher when called upon, racking up seven sacks in his three years with the team–more than double his total from his Buffalo days.

In the open field, he is also very talented, with 25 passes defended with the Jaguars so far, which eclipses his Buffalo days by 11. ‘Poz’ is also great at jarring the ball lose from ball carriers and giving his teammates the opportunities to recover. He’s totaled seven interceptions in his Jaguar career including his most memorable one against Peyton Manning that he was able to return for a touchdown.

Posluszny is also a great presence in the locker room. He has a lot of confidence and motivation that translates to the rest of the team. He has a lot of control on the field and his leadership is valuable to a team that is seemingly one of the youngest in the league.

Looking forward to Posluszny’s future with the team, we can expect big things from him. But really we can expect big things from everyone. A fresh coaching staff, a new young and inspired roster and a new front office are all reasons everyone in the Jaguar community should be looking forward to the future.

It finally looks like for the first time, in a long time, the players, coaches and also importantly the fans, are excited to call themselves Jaguars. With the leadership of Posluszny and all that he brings to the table, the rest of the locker room and everybody in the Jaguars’ organization is getting better everyday.

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