Should any Houston Texans players retire now?


Earlier Today, Cover32 released their top-10 players who should join Rashard Mendenhall and retire.

For the Houston Texans, no one from the organization represented the list, but there were a few surprising names on there, such as Eli and Peyton Manning as well as Jason Witten.

Shane Lechler, the punter, is 37 years old, but punters can play well into their late-30s. It may be time for Lechler soon, but given how easy is job is, it’s no surprise he plans on hanging around longer.

Andre Johnson, soon-to-be 33 years of age, may consider it, but there’s no reason to considering he’s one of the league’s best receivers year in and year out.

Arian Foster, coming off of back surgery, is also too young to retire, and isn’t going to give up so early.

Texans fans, did Cover32’s Carl Pfeiffer miss anyone? Should someone from the Texans retire right now?

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