Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers worst defensive tackle ever drafted by the team?


When we decided on who was the greatest Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle, the choice was easy: “Mean” Joe Greene, of course.

Well, the worst DT of all time is almost just as easy.

He was drafted in the first round (pick 20) by the Steelers in the 1985 NFL Draft out of Wisconsin and his name is:

Darryl Sims

Sims was part of the dead days of defensive linemen drafted by the Steelers. The 80s were not kind to Pittsburgh at that position at all.

But the worst was Sims as he never lived up to his First Round selection.

Simms played two seasons with Pittsburgh where he recorded just three sacks and not much else.

He was shipped off to Cleveland where he did not play much better.

Just another Steelers draft pick with high potential that didn’t cut it.

And that’s why Darryl Sims is the worst DT ever drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

(Dis)Honorable Mention:

– Gabe Rivera

No one could have predicted the car accident that destroyed Rivera’s career during his first season, but unfortunately the pick still lives on as one of the worst by the Steelers.

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  • al clements

    What was Joe Greene’s actual title….don’t think he was a Tackle, quote unquote. AND Gabe did damn well for a first year guy…..would have been a great one