Weekly Rewind: John Kuhn, Gilbert Brown and bad tattoos, plus much more


In case you missed it: Columns from the cover32 universe to get you caught up on all things Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay Packers

-Thoughts From the Bar Top: John Kuhn is amazing. (READ)

-Where are they now: Gilbert Brown. (READ)

-The five best defensive tackles in Packer history. (READ)

-Twitter Tuesday: Mike McCarthy says the Packers are better than a year ago. (READ)

-Regrettable fan tattoos from all 32 NFL teams. (READ)

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  • Morrie Farkas

    I totally agree that it is important for the Green Bay Packers to sign John Kuhn, for the simple reason that if one of the offensive lineman or tight end misses a block, or a defensive back slips through the line on a blitz, Kuhn is the best player to prevent Rodgers from being sacked, or being sacked and fumbling the ball, or even worse, injuring Rodgers and having him lost for the season. With all respect, well meaning fans who believe that John Kuhn is not important to the Packers are simply mistaken.