Did Dez Bryant break the rules?


HOUSTON — Not even a week after Cowboys owner, president, and general manager Jerry Jones ostensibly upheld the notorious “Dez Rules,” his star wide receiver has seemingly violated his midnight curfew at a Houston nightclub.

In a celebrity party held at Venue and presented by AristocratLife, Dez Bryant joined teammate linebacker Orie Lemon and actor¬†Bill Bellamy for a “Dallas Cowboys Invasion.”

According to the nightclub’s website, the doors don’t open at Venue until 9:00 PM. A source close to the event indicated Dez Bryant and company wouldn’t arrive until midnight. Further photographs and tweets¬†from Venue goers prove Dez Bryant was there past midnight. Therefore, Dez Bryant violated the guidelines Jerry handed forth to him like Moses from Mt. Sinai.

Or, it could be that the “Dez Rules” don’t actually exist.

The whole story came to light on Monday when Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas pestered Jerry Jones on whether the “Dez Rules” were extant. Jones’ response?

“He doesn’t need to drop his guard. In some respect, none of us do.”

It was a nothing story. In fact, more seasoned reporters used it as a segue to talk about Dez Bryant’s maturity since then with his impending contract extension.

Not Watkins. He turned it into a chance to show how Jerry Jones still has Dez Bryant on a leash. And then the story gained even more traction than warranted when Dez Bryant tweeted an indignant salvo at the Cowboys beat writer.

If the Dallas Cowboys front office had any curfews or guidelines set for their first round selection in 2010, then Dez Bryant wouldn’t make the three-hour drive or one-hour flight down to Houston to go to a nightclub. If a clear breach of the “Dez Rules” like this puts his contract extension in doubt, he wouldn’t take the risk. The only reason he took the “risk” is because it is reasonable to conclude the “Dez Rules” had a sunset clause.

If Dez Bryant isn’t going to grant interviews to Calvin Watkins, Cover32 will gladly take his portion of #88 soundbites.

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