Position by position grades for Green Bay as the draft nears


After three weeks of free agency, the Packers have been affected at each spot on the roster. It is important to see where Green Bay stands at each position and what direction the Packers could go in the draft. I took a look at each position and graded how they look heading into the draft. An A means they don’t need to draft a player at that position, an F means it is of utmost importance that they do draft at the position.

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  • TFear

    Dude, the Packers defense was ATROCIOUS last year, just awful. They couldn’t stop anyone when they really had to and you give them an overall grade of a B??!! Were we watching the same team?

  • John

    Hey TF. The rating is after free agency, duh

  • Anonymous

    some of these ratings were very generous………..bulaga is over-rated, and they hype around his return is overblown. Losing Newhouse is a big plus, but the lack of skill/depth there is scary

  • Anon

    what a homer…