Risk to Tampa Bay Buccaneers not worth reward for DeSean Jackson


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have filled most of the team needs through free agency this year. A position still considered a need is wide receiver.

DeSean Jackson has hit the market as the Philadelphia Eagles released their top receiving threat due to off-field concerns. So should Tampa bay pursue Jackson? There are some positives and some negatives of the Buccaneers going after Jackson.

The positives of Tampa Bay signing Jackson would be that they would get a seven-year veteran who could contribute immediately. Current Tampa Bay receiver Mike Williams has been dealing with legal issues. Jackson has had a great career racking up 6,117 receiving yards and 32 touchdowns. Out of Jackson’s seven years in the NFL, he exceeded 1,000 receiving yards three times, and was 39 yards short of making it four. If Jackson joined the other Jackson (Vincent), the Bucs would have a steady receiving corps in the 2014 season.

Tampa Bay could also use their first round draft pick to select a defensive end player to compliment newly acquired defensive end, Michael Johnson. The two top draft possibilities would be either South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney or Buffalo’s Khalil Mack–  either of who would be a nightmare for other teams. On paper the aforementioned would be the best idea for the Buccaneers, as it would significantly beef up both the offense and defense.

Negatives of Tampa Bay signing DeSean Jackson are his attitude, his work ethic, and his personal life. There have been numerous reports about Jackson, detailing that he has missed multiple team meetings, complained about his contract, and has an overall inconsistent work ethic.

This kind of attitude is a cancer in the locker room and is not what the Buccaneers need, as it would cause multiple problems in the organization.

There are also rumors going around that Jackson has allegedly been associated with members of a Los Angeles gang. Those members have been connected with different gang-related murders in California. Jackson has denied those rumors in a statement, but the Eagles felt their concerns were justified in letting him go.

Many teams have already stated they have no interest in Jackson, a lot of which is due to the baggage the Eagles found to distasteful to keep him in Philadelphia. A high caliber receiver such as Jackson would usually be snatched up quickly by most NFL executives. Jackson, apparently, is not a usual receiver.

The reasons that led to the Eagles releasing Jackson are the same reasons that Tampa Bay should pass on him. Tampa is already dealing with Mike Williams and the recent stabbing that occurred, they do not need to deal with another controversial player.

While Jackson may be a top-tier receiver, the risks far outweigh the rewards of signing him.

For the Bucs, passing on Jackson is the smart play. If they must target a new receiver, let it be in the draft.

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