Should Texans go after DeSean Jackson?


After the Philadelphia Eagles have cut DeSean Jackson, he’s gained plenty of interest from all teams in the league. in what turned out to be somewhat of a surprise release.

Should the Texans take a risk and try to sign him? The Houston Texans don’t necessarily need another wide receiver; they have Andre Johnson who is most likely going to be in Canton.

The Texans also have the second year man DeAndre Hopkins who showed promise last year even with the uncertainty each week at quarterback.

So should the Texans go after DeSean Jackson? Jackson is a proven star who has made it to three Pro Bowls. He would help whoever is the starting quarterback for the Texans next year, he would open up the field for Johnson and Foster, and he  has crazy speed and would be a great down the field threat.

There are plenty of upsides to Jackson as a player; the problem I see is that a team doesn’t just release their best wide out without a reason. There are rumors that DeSean Jackson has gang affiliations and the Eagles didn’t like it and he apparently wasn’t willing to give up his antics.

So if the Texans do sign him they will have to be leery of this possible off the field issue.

Some team is going to take a risk on Jackson, he is a proven wide out who makes plays, the question will be how much risk will a team take. Last year Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with murder, gang allegations were thrown around, so it will be interesting to see how teams approach signing Jackson.

I don’t think the Texans are much of a risk taking organization, they probably won’t even consider signing Jackson.

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  • derr

    There’s this thing called the salary cap. You should become familiar with it.

  • Jason

    The Texans have 9 million as of right now. Decker who so far has gotten the top contract for a wide out this off season only has a 4 million cap number this year and Golden Tate only has 3.1 million cap number. Jackson can probably expect a 2 year deal that is incentive based and low up front cost for any team. That is unless the redskins or other team who loves to throw money around takes a chance on him. This deal could be made pretty easily and the Texans have the Cap space.