Brian Hoyer is ready to take on the competition


Brian Hoyer isn’t going to go down without a fight. He understands that the Browns are likely to select a quarterback in the draft, but he doesn’t see that as an issue.

“It brings out the best in me, the competition, proving people wrong, proving people right,” said Hoyer at the Ohio Sports Collectors Convention. “I’ll never shy away from any competition.”

A Cleveland native, Hoyer truly cares about the Browns success. He sees himself as just one of the many people in the region who work hard every day in order to get better.

“It’s such a blue collar town, I kind of put myself in that category,” said Hoyer. “I definitely put a lot of hard work in and this city definitely deserves a winning team and that’s what were all looking for.”

After getting his first real opportunity to start in the NFL last year, Hoyer’s season was cut short by an ACL tear. Since his surgery in October, though, Hoyer has given up thinking about his injury and has turned all of his attention towards this season.

“I’m going to work my butt off, I have worked it off for the past five months,” Hoyer said. “Ever since I took the field for the first time, and unfortunately it got cut short by injury, but I felt like this is my team and that’s what I’m going to work towards this offseason.”

The truth is, even if Hoyer is the right man for the job, he is going to have to beat out some competition before resuming his role as the Browns starting quarterback. As of right now, with there releases of Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell, the only other quarterback on the roster is Alex Tanney. That won’t last.

The Browns will select a quarterback in the draft. It may not be with the fourth overall pick, but they have plenty of other opportunities to do so. Hoyer understands this.

“It’s inevitable,” said Hoyer. “You just have to control what you can control. To look over your shoulder, I don’t know what to look over my shoulder at right now, so who knows how it will shake out.”

Hoyer may have gone undrafted, but he has proven to be a much better quarterback than that. That being said, Hoyer won’t be given the starting job. He will have to earn it. A challenge his is more than ready to take on.

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