Green Bay’s outside linebacking needs: are there any?


Clay Matthews is the leader of the Packer defense, when he is on the field he commands attention and demands greatness out of himself and his teammates. Julius Peppers and Mike Neal are forces to be reckoned with as well, and the Packers defensive end/outside linebacking corps looks to be a formidable one. However, one thing that has been a theme with Matthews the past few seasons is missing time due to injuries. Peppers is 34 years old and not a sure thing. Mike Neal has had one good season. So, are the Packers really good to go at outside linebacker?

The Packers suffered injuries throughout their linebacking corps last season, the one constant being A.J. Hawk who proved he is invaluable to the defense. Should the Packers add more depth to the linebackers? There are 10 prospects entering the draft this May that we think very highly of here at cover32. If one is available when the Packers pick at #21, should the Packers take him?

I believe the Packers will take the best available defensive player left on the board when their pick comes around, and it very well may be an outside linebacker. But, there are more pressing needs in the defensive secondary, specifically the safeties. Take a look at these OLB prospects though, and let us know if you’d like to see any of them in green and gold next year.

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  • mogan I Mundane

    Mathews only plays half a season and if he goes out this year the work overpriced and bust starts to enter the picture. Perry has done nothing in two seasons and he was first round pick. His ass is wide and he has no lateral movements. Teams run at him, around him and over him. Their basically is no linebacker core to speak of. When the weakest guy on the team, Hawk leads the team in tackles that’s say a lot about the lack of quality play makers on this team. They have linebacker bodies but only one guy is a play maker.