Should Houston Texans cut this starter?


The Houston Texans have reportedly asked safety Danieal Manning to take a pay cut, according to ESPN.

I listed Manning as one of the potential players to be cut this offseason by the Texans, if he isn’t willing to rework his contract it’s a pretty safe bet that he will be cut.

Manning played six games last year before suffering a season ending injury.

Manning is set to make $4.5 million under his current contract; there are free agents that could be had for less than that. The Texans will need to restructure Manning quickly so they don’t miss out on the few available free agents left.

Chris Clemmons and Ryan Clark are possible options and both would be suitable replacements,probably at a lower price (both currently make less than $4.5 million). Chris Clemmons is a younger option, while Ryan Clark is three years older but still a cheaper option than Manning.

Both Clemmons and Clark were starters in 2013 and capable safeties.Manning would be smart to take the pay cut and stay with the team, the market for Safeties is dwindling fast and he will most likely have to take a pay cut anyway, if he leaves the team.

Manning is no doubt a very good safety, but at his current price coming off an injury the Texans are smart to try to keep him but at the right price.

Another potential option for the Texans is to draft Manning’s replacement in the upcoming draft. There are several decent prospects the Texans could select in the second or third rounds.

Dion Bailey could be a potential target, coming out of USC.

So will the Texans cut Manning or will he agree to take a pay cut to stay with the team? The $4.5 million is a lot of extra cap space the team could use when signing this year’s draft class or to sign his replacement.

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